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DTMF decoding

Richard Jobin
Here a trick for those of you having problems to decode
DTMF... Maybe there is many other way to do that, but
it work for me.
Without modification, my portables Icom work, and Yaesu,
but my kenwood dont, even my mobile kenwood...

I modified DtmfDecoder.cpp

Change line:
#define MAX_TWIST            4
#define MAX_TWIST            19

I know, the value is very high, there is some possibilities for false

The problem seem to be in the audio frequency response...
I have two systems with the mods and they work well.

--73-- de VE2MRJ op Richard

The repeater having one of the modification is VE2RLN located
in Trois-Rivieres in Quebec, Canada.

Motorola Micor with a RC-100 repeater controller.
The computer have a CS4236 sound card.
The sound card is connect to the VA3TO interface.
The svxlink is connected to the repeater by the
link connection on the controller repeater to the VA3TO interface.

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