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Josh Housey
The model of the interface is a MFJ 1273B and the pdf manual should be
avaiable for download at MFJ's website.

As far as svxlink,  as soon as it intializes Tx1, it is in constant
transmit and if you enter *, it will not send the ID, just the
consistent transmit of no audio.

I am launching svxlink correct (even with the ASYNC_AUDIO_NOTRIGGER=1)
and this is what I get.

For some reason, Windows starts up with the constant transmit, and
then as soon as you launch Echolink, it drops. When I launch SUSE,
there isn't a constant transmission, but it happens very shortly after
svxlink is  launched.

The only other slight  possibility is how the serial port is set in
SuSE. That is the next route I am going to play around with.

Is there anything additional that needs to be set for the serial port
(setserial command)?

Josh, AB9FT

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