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No SQL open / close events in RemoteTrx

Mischa van Santen
I have started to configure a Raspi 2-B together with a no-name sound-card to utilize as a remote receiver. Usually I build such receivers (Number 17 is now on my table for our national repeater systems) with cubieboard 2's, but these become slowly obsolete. Setting up the Pi has been done with Raspbian 7 (Wheezy), nothing special really. 

In the testing phase, usually the Alsa settings are chosen such that no overdrive occurs at the soundcard. This event is monitored in Remotetrx and adjusted just under the clipping level. Next step has been the Siglevdetcal procedure which also runs very smooth, giving 54dB of dynamic. All these observations clearly indicate that the soundcard and all other settings are right; otherwise overdrive messages and siglevdetcal wouldn't work at all.

Now, finished the setup currently locally (no connection to the live system established yet, that wouldn't be logical) I monitor the squelch behavior, which is a noise squelch in our case. Sound is taken direct from the FM discriminator (buffered) and the frequency response runs fine even up to 9kHz with acceptable levels. 

However.... The squelch simply won't open - at all, whatever I do. The injected signal is very strong (-70dBm, only a carrier, no modulation). Monitoring the audio over another tool via the soundcard shows all is right as well. If I key the transmitter up and down during the Siglevdetcal I see a perfect toggle between about 100% and 0%, the system works fine though. 

Would anybody have any idea what could be going on?


AUTH_KEY="yeah sure"




Sat Jan 23 00:26:36 2016: RemoteTrx v1.2.0 Copyright (C) 2003-2015 Tobias Blomberg / SM0SVX
Sat Jan 23 00:26:36 2016:
Sat Jan 23 00:26:36 2016: RemoteTrx comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are
Sat Jan 23 00:26:36 2016: welcome to redistribute it in accordance with the terms and conditions in the
Sat Jan 23 00:26:36 2016: GNU GPL (General Public License) version 2 or later.
Sat Jan 23 00:26:36 2016:
Sat Jan 23 00:26:36 2016: Using configuration file: /etc/svxlink/remotetrx.conf
Sat Jan 23 00:26:36 2016: --- Using sample rate 48000Hz
Sat Jan 23 00:26:37 2016:
Sat Jan 23 00:26:37 2016: Setting up trx "NetRx_NOS"
Sat Jan 23 00:26:37 2016: RX: RxNOS
Sat Jan 23 00:26:37 2016: TX: NONE
Sat Jan 23 00:26:37 2016:

Best regards, 
Mischa - PA1OKZ

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