Problems with Roger beep and simplex logic any help ?

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Problems with Roger beep and simplex logic any help ?

Jean-Philippe Piers
Hello All,
with svxreflector the roger beep does'nt work on simplex logic

i run here :

1 UHF repeater Logic + 1 VHF simplex Logic on Orange pi

1 29Mhz simplex Logic and 1 50Mhz simplex Logic on Raspberry
It's an UHF Repeater + 3 simplex Logics (F5ZIN)

Any solutions to solve this issue ???

i search a little bit on the CPP and .h code but i found nothing who can
solve this issue, my understanding of C is limited.

it was working on 1 Logic  when in previous versions on the Logic who
had EchoLink Active.

10 nodes / repeaters on our SvxReflector network are waiting for this

thanks in advance!

73" de Jean-Philippe / F5NLG

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