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Guy Vachon VE2VAG
Thanks Adi !  Sorry for the late reply, been quite busy lately.
Will test this in the next days and will keep you posted.
73s from Guy VE2VAG

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Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2016 13:22:52 +0200
From: Adi Bier <[hidden email]>
Subject: Re: [Svxlink-devel] MetarInfo module problem
To: Discussions about development issues
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Hi Guy,

I've created a branch for this topic. If you want you can test the
MetarInfo_clouds branch on my github area.
The only changes are a new tcl procedure "cloudtypes{}" and the creation of
a new announcement "covering" in
the MetarInfo namespace. So a quick and dirty solution should be the
overwrite the MetarInfo.tcl in your installation
with the file from the branch and to create a new wavefile.

Good luck

vy 73s de Adi / DL1HRC

Am 13.06.2016 um 23:12 schrieb Guy Vachon VE2VAG:

> Hello Adi,
> Thank you very much for your reply.
> Since the data after the RMK seems to be mainly about the opacity or
> density of clouds layers and the sea level pressure, those could probably
> be ignored since  the casual ham radio operator would not
> need these.
> Guess in the meantime, I could set comment out the LONGMESSAGE=1 line in
> ModuleMetarInfo.conf
> Saw somewhere that a Svxlink user managed to have weather predictions work
> using text-to-speech and data from accuweather, but his website seems to
> be down.
> As for the mathematical and prunounciation issues in french, I?m currently
> using the F1SMF locale.tcl file.
> I think the main difference between that version and the english default
> version is on how numbers between 71 to 79 and 91 to 99 are ?played?.
> For example,  to say the number 75:
> In english, we would need to play the files ?7X? and ?5?
> In french, it is a mix of 60 and 15, so files played would be ?60? or ?6X?
> (which would be sixty, or ?soixante? in french?") and ?15?.
> Same logic for numbers between 91 and 99; they?ll be a mix of ?8X? and
> numbers between 11 and 19.
> Thanks and 73s from Guy VE2VAG
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> Hi Guy,
> thank you for your report.
> I've checked it and there is a missing tcl function (MetarInfo.tcl) for
> the cloud types indeed. The reason maybe that the airports I know doesn't
> have this information. Will see what I can do next time.
> The other problem is that the remark part (all after RMK) differs from
> airport to airport because it is used as free text sometimes. So is hard
> to analyze the information and to assign the right voice
> files to the sections.
> vy 73s de Adi / DL1HRC
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