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Josh Housey-2
Hi All,

Thanks for the input, but I have figured out the
receive situation on my end (It was the simple problem
of it not receving my DTMF/transmissions well enough
to do anything). You were correct, as, I was going
through kmix mixer, for the fun of it, I turned on the
capture in Line In, and all of sudden, it was receving
DTMF and transmissions from a remote radio.

I will be sure to keep that program in mind if I want
to tweak it further.

I am just curious on one thing, why does it need to be
so high on Line-In for the receive end? On Windows, I
have it at 20/30% and decodes fine. Also, it seems to
work better on the Mic end, as I only have it on 50%
and is decoding fine.

Other than that, everything is working very nicely,
and I am very pleased with the operation with it.

Thanks again.

Josh, AB9FT

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