SVXreflector with corss band nodes

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SVXreflector with corss band nodes


I have connected two (in simplex mode) svxlink nodes via svxreflector
(many thanks for help Adi DL1HRC)
The one node is Echolink node on 2m band and the second svxlink is the
only system in simplexlogic mode on 70 cm band without echolink

Generally all working nice as cross band if anybody transmits on 70cm
I have retransmission on 2m band and
I want to that who anybody will use 70cm band can execute the command
via DTMF on 2m band echolink node, I have try to activate DTMF
repeater module on 70cm node but it is not working. If I send any DTMF
code on 70cm I have heard  from 70 cm node that  "unknown command"
Is it possible use DTMF on 70 cm band to execute a command on 2m band node ?

Another thing, I would like to have beep roger on 70 cm but I don't
have echolink module on this band for this reason "beep roger" don't
work. How to add beep roger after finish transmission on 70 cm without
use echolink module ?

73 Waldek sp2ong

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