Suggestions for a interface that would be wired to a repeater

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Suggestions for a interface that would be wired to a repeater

Josh Housey-2
Dear All,

I have been running a link radio setup for quite some
time and not had a problem with it. I am considering
on possibly on going with a direct connection to my

What I am considering on using is that I have a DB-9
connection that is already prewired to the controller.
This connection was used as another UHF repeater tied
into the controller as a "remote" base.

From what I have determined, all the necessary
connections need are available through that port. The
next thing I am determining is what interface out
there that would handle this without too much

A majority of the interfaces that I have found are not
sure they will work as how they handle the "serial"
connection. The IRLP interface supports the
connections necessary, but the problem that I see with
it is that how it works with Svxlink with the
"parallel" port.

Any suggestions on which one interface you use with a
repeater or one that I should use that would handle
all the connections and be compatible will be

Josh, AB9FT

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