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SvxLink 051202 released

Tobias Blomberg-3
Ok, time for another release. There was just too much small things in the
ChangeLogs to wait with a release any longer. Hopefully, this release is bug
free ;-)

Most importat changes:
* Bugfix: The SvxLink server would crash when recording voice mails on other
  distributions than Fedora.
* A new "connect by call" feature in the EchoLink module.
* The voice mail module now can send a notification e-mail when a new voice
  mail arrives for a user. First implementation by PA3FNT, improved by me
* Timestamps in the log file.
* Now possible to use both DTR and RTS together for PTT, which is required by
  some interface boards.

Be sure to check out the ChangeLog for more detailed information.

73 de SM0SVX / Tobias

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