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SvxLink release 15.11

Tobias Blomberg

Finally I got around to making a new release.

The biggest news in this release is the support for RTL2832U based DVB-T USB
dongles. This make it possible to use such USB dongles as cheap SDR (Software
Defined Radio) receivers. This will open up the world of cheap receiver
hardware to all SvxLink users. It will for example be very cheap to set up an
extra receiver with local coverage for a SvxLink based repeater, as long as
there is a network connection to the repeater. The modulation forms supported
are: FM, FM narrow, AM, AM narrow, USB, LSB, CW, CW wide and wideband FM
(broadcast). Running multiple receivers on the same dongle is supported as
well as using multiple dongles.

There now is a utility called "devcal" added to the toolbox. It's purpose is
to give the SvxLink sysop a way to measure and calibrate the input and output
sound levels on FM. Read the devcal(1) man page for more information.

The DTMF decoder has been completely rewritten for better performance. The new
decoder is quicker and will be able to detect DTMF codes with duration of 40
milliseconds and up. The immunity to speech is much better so false detections
will be rare. The decoder is also slightly more sensitive and also adapts
after the signal conditions. On weak signals a longer tone duration is
required and the hangtime will also be increased.

Another thing that may be good to know is that the default install path for
libraries may have changed since it is now autodetected during the build. For
example, on a x86_64 architecture the libraries and plugins will now end up
under /usr/lib64 instead of /usr/lib. This may affect the loading of plugins
and SvxLink may find the old plugins under /usr/lib which will cause an error.
To get around this, remove the old plugins and comment out the MODULE_PATH
configuration variable in the GLOBAL section of the configuration file.

As usual a lot of bugs have also been fixed. The full list of changes and more
details can be found in the README for release 15.11.
Information on configuration of new features can be found in the manual pages.

73's de SM0SVX / Tobias

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