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Svxlink audio problems

I am using svxlink ( on a Pi3 and having some very strange
behavior that I cannot at this time explain.

The system runs and connects to the remote EchoLink server without any

If I set the system for SQL_DET=VOX under [RX1] when I connect in from a
user device (tablet) the link connects and the audio announcements come
through on both the radio and the tablet. Selecting TX on the tablet and
talking I get audio transmitted out the radio. When the radio is keyed
via a remote radio no received audio from the radio passes to the
Internet and the tablet (only unidirectional communication).

Setting SQL_DET=GPIO (only change from above) under [RX1] I connect
using the tablet and squelch and PTT open and close properly with either
RF into the radio or control from the tablet. No audio at all passes in
either direction - including the audio announcements.

This same behavior is replicated when using an IP connection from the
local network using qtel, however, in this case I do not seem to get any
audio to/from the Network in either case. The computer running qtel and
the svxlink system are both connected on the same network switch.

I have tried this with two different radios (Kenwood TM-V71 and ICOM
208H) with the same results.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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