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Gullik Webjorn
Hello gurus,

My current understanding about the distribution of signal processing in
a svxlink SYSTEM is:

Siglev is individual, i.e. processed in each remotetrx and in svxlink
local rx. Siganlling this is out of band, i.e. not in the audio stream.
An observation is that a remote rx does not pass the values it opened
the squelch , but probably something somewhat later, resulting in
different logs in a remotetrx and its server.

Tones such as 1750 are NOT processed distributed, only locally in the
server. Thus duration can only be set centrally. Even if i set duration
to 400 mS, the remote remotetrx says add-tone detector 1750,50,1000,
which is not true ???

Subtones are also a central feature, not in remotetrx, which precludes
manually selecting RX based on subtone.

If I am mistaken, please enlighten me,,,,,


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