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getPin and setPin errors

Danny de Bont


I have an AMI-2 board that is giving me getPin and setPin errors. I have only had this board for a while and am really struggling to get it to work with SvxLink up to the point where I replaced it temporarily with my EasyDigi.

I have SvxLink setup to use DTR and DCD on /dev/ttyS0. However, for some reason SvxLink doesn't unkey the radio (with the AMI-2) and it keeps on TX'ing. Also, I have my squelch on the radio (TM-271A) set to max to prevent this keying and unkeying. Then I started getting these getPin and setPin errors. I do not think it is because of the high squelch level?

I am truly stumped on how to get this AMI-2 board to work properly and would appreciate some input.

Thank you


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