hello any solution to start svxlink on parrot mode

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hello any solution to start svxlink on parrot mode

Jean-Philippe Piers

i want to make an SSTV parrot repeater with simplex logic , is it a
solution to start SVXLINK in parrot mode without the need of 1# ? or 1
DTMF command ?

i have customized the * DTMF function to send an SSTV image i replace (
press_0_for_help ) to an SSTV image.wav convert with pysstv and
reconvert to 8khz 16bit ( such i use on my raspberry ).

but i would like the system start automaticly in PARROT and i don't know
how to do it ...

the EXEC_ON_LONG_COMMAND is only availlable in repeaterLogic and i'm not
sure it will works with PARROT ...

thanks in advance

73 de Jean-Philippe

Jean-Philippe Piers
"7 rue du guic"
22810 Belle isle en terre
skype: jppiers

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