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Jean-Philippe Piers
i play with that module but i note some troubles :
when we put ACTIVATE_MODULE_ON_LONG_CMD=7:Frn , it doesn't start automaticaly like EchoLink does whe have to type 7# to start it

i made a logic with echolink and a radio VHF
i made a logic with Frn and a radio UHF

i link the 2 logics together

when somebody speaks on echolink it is transmit both on VHF and UHF and to FRN network ( normal )
when somebody speaks on Frn is is transmit  only on UHF , not on VHF and not on EchoLink ?

so FRN is not bi directionnal , in this configuration , is it a bug ?

it will be interesting to made a gateway between the 2 networks  ( with secure server only for OM  ....)

FRN server will be interesting to put on svxlink with access control it
can be an alternative to nettx netrx , only one port to open .

73 de F5NLG

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